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Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors:

You will have the ultimate protection against hurricanes and storms

Your home will be protected against burglars and vandals

Your loved ones and belongings will be protected from UV rays

You can save thousands of dollars in energy costs and insurance premiums

Protect Your Home from Hurricane Damage

Who doesn’t remember Hurricane Irma from 2017? Did you know it caused at least $50 billion in damage to Florida alone? 


The idea of getting a storm or a hurricane every year is something we have to live with here in Florida.


But it doesn’t mean only the most furious hurricanes cause devastation. You don’t have to own a house on the beach to be at risk from hurricanes. Even a lower-category storm can wreak havoc, either by floods or by flying debris.


Impact resistant windows are 100% tested to withstand even Category 5 hurricanes. Think about all the money you save because come next hurricane season, there will be no roofs to mend or shattered windows and doors to replace.


But their strength goes way beyond protection during the storm season. Want to know how? Keep on reading

Keep safe from intruders

Impact windows do a tremendous job of keeping you safe even outside of hurricane season. They are made of several layers of laminated glass, aluminum, and other materials, which make shattering difficult. With impact windows, a burglar would need to go through a big hassle to break into your home while you’re asleep or away.


This is something that hurricane shutters can’t offer because you only put them on during hurricane season.

a worker installing impact windows on a commercial buidling


“After working with Impact Glass USA, I immediately felt improved home safety for my family. The installation process was fast, easy, and I immediately saved money on my energy bill the first month after installation. The impact windows look amazing and reduce the noise of traffic, honking, and wind from outdoors. I highly recommend Impact Glass USA!” – Robert L.

Slash your utility bills with impact resistant windows

Living in Florida means getting fabulous weather temperatures all year round. The beach, the beauty of the coastal area is second to none. But let’s be honest: come summer, there’s no way you can stay at home without your A/C turned on. One more reason why impact windows and doors are an excellent product. They’re energy-efficient. In the summertime, they reduce the heat gain in your home.

When you upgrade your old doors and single-pane windows to new impact doors and windows, you can save up to $465 a year on your utility bills. So you won’t benefit from these products only in extreme weather situations. Your new, energy-efficient will prove to be of great service throughout the whole year! Think about all the (smarter) ways you can use that money in your family budget.

Besides bringing you energy efficiency, these products also offer great noise 

Negotiate better homeowners’ insurance premium with your insurance company by as much as 45%

That’s right. You can cut your premium by almost half with many insurance companies operating in Florida.

You might wonder: 


“How is it that insurance companies can give such a discount by just changing the windows in my home?”


The reason is simple. Many people think that the main benefit of these products is resisting outside debris and water from damaging their homes during a hurricane. But in reality, when it comes to hurricane protection, their real advantage is structural.


Studies have proven that the destruction of houses during hurricane season happens because of a sudden change in air pressure caused by windows being blown out. It’s this increased air pressure inside the house that causes roofs to blow off, not the outside gusts! Your impact doors and windows have a much more critical role in keeping your house and your family safe.


There’s another reason why insurance companies give you a discount on homeowners’ insurance. Hurricane shutters require you to install and close them by yourself. So there’s always a risk you forget to do it or install them incorrectly. With an impact window—once you’ve installed it, it stays there.


At Impact Glass USA, our mission is to provide the highest quality impact windows and doors at the best prices. We help safeguard you and your loved one from storms and intruders and save you money on energy and insurance costs!

Protect your valuable items in your Miami house from UV light

In The Sunshine State, we get almost 250 days of sun a year. That’s great, but there’s also a downside. With all that sun, our houses are subject to a lot of UV light. UV light damages your wooden floors, your pictures, and your fabrics. 


One more reason why installing impact windows is an excellent idea. Installing them will filter out 99% of the harmful UV light, which means your interiors won’t fade as quickly.

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Whether you believe that you are in your forever home or would choose to move at some point, installing impact windows will boost your house value.

Just listing that your house is safely guarded with impact windows and doors will be a huge selling point to a possible buyer and make your house stand out on the real estate market.
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