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Benefits Of Storm Impact Windows

There are many things to be done as hurricane season approaches. You want to make sure your house is ready enough to withstand the force of the winds and damages that would be caused by the flood. One area that you have to be concerned about is the window. Your window is at risk of being shattered by the debris and the sheer force of the winds going at 200 mph. Investing in storm impact windows is the best way to fully keep your house protected. 

The good thing about storm impact windows is that they are just like regular windows, allowing you to see outside from inside. They are better than hurricane shutters in that regard, but you can always use hurricane shutters and storm impact windows for maximum protection.  

Here are some reasons why you should upgrade to storm impact windows today;

Storm Protection

Storm impact windows would protect your house from the dangers of a storm. One of the things people worry about is flying debris. Rushing winds can turn anything into a projectile and this can shatter your ordinary window, which can be quite brittle. Once that happens, wind, water, and debris would enter your house. It can also increase the pressure inside your house, which is something that would cause damage in the long run. Upgrading to storm impact glasses would offer your house the protection it needs, keeping debris and wind out of your house. 

Insurance Discounts

One sure way to enjoy discounts on your home insurance is to protect the entry points in your house, including the windows and doors and replacing your windows with storm impact windows qualifies you for such a discount. But you should note that you have to make sure all entry points are protected before you can enjoy the discount. 

Reduces Cost Of Repairs

Storm impact windows lessen the damages in your house, effectively reducing the amount of money you would spend on repairs after the storm. Using storm impact windows may limit the damages to the exterior of your house alone, keeping the inside intact. To reduce the cost of repairs more, you should invest in other forms of storm protection that would make your house more storm-resistant. 


The sound of a storm can be quite threatening and could increase your fear, making you feel more uncomfortable and anxious. But storm impact windows, made with laminated glass and an extra layer of polyvinyl butyral, can help you block out most of the noise. This can be very helpful if you have pets or young children in your house. 

Improves Your Home Security

Even after the hurricane season, your impact windows would still be at work, keeping your house safe from burglary attempts. Impact glasses are quite strong and would resist being broken by ordinary tools like a hammer. This would make it increasingly difficult to break into your home. 


Storm impact windows are better than hurricane shutters or other options because they only have to be installed once. Shutters and other options have to be put up and removed before and after the hurricane season. Impact windows save you the stress of having to do extra work around your windows when a storm is coming.

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