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Why Do All Miami Homes Need Impact Windows?

Thinking about getting Hurricane Windows Miami? So everyone in your neighborhood can’t stop talking about how good impact windows are. Some are happy that their insurance premiums have reduced, and they cannot keep it to themselves. But you are wondering what all the fuss about impact windows is. 

The first question that pops in your mind is, do we all need to impact windows? Or can we get the benefits your neighbors are bragging about elsewhere? 

As long as you live in Miami, Florida, you will need impact windows installed in your home. Florida is one of the states where hurricanes and high impact winds occur often. If you live at least one mile from the coast in Florida, the building regulations require you to install impact windows. 

Why Impact windows? 

They are made from glass that is resistant to breaking and shattering. These windows have up to 2 layers of tempered glass that comes with a layer of shatterproof membrane between them. When hit by a storm or flying debris, they will not shatter into dangerous flying pieces. But they will shatter in a web-like form instead of breaking into pieces. 

This shatterproof glass is installed in a heavy frame that secures your windows. Whether in a new or refurbished house, these hurricane windows can withstand storms of a high magnitude. They make your home look more refined and secure for your loved ones. 

More reasons why you need Hurricane windows in Miami

Besides impact windows being excellent protection during a hurricane storm, there are more advantages to installing them.

The insurance companies in Florida are overwhelmed with damage claims after a hurricane hits. Not that they are unwilling to pay, but the risk is too much, too often. To make this burden easier, insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install impact windows in their homes. This is like paying you for securing yourself. How cool is that! Lately, impact windows have become a requirement for most insurance companies. 

During the hot summer months, the impact windows will keep you cool. Their insulating qualities are superior to other kinds of windows. They reflect the thermal heat off the glass cooling your home throughout the season. This means you will not need to use power to run the air conditioner, thus saving you energy costs. 

Homeowners have also discovered impact windows block the noises from around the neighborhood. Even if you live at the beachfront, you will no longer hear the crashing of the waves in the middle of the night. This allows a good nights’ sleep without disturbances, especially for light sleepers. 

Now you know why Miami hurricane impact windows are a big deal. They are simply to protect you and your loved ones. When the strong winds and storms are threatening out there, you will have a safe place to retreat. You will be unbothered about the damages because the entry points will be sealed with powerful protection. 

Your Florida home is a key investment and to see it destroyed almost every year by natural disasters is painful. We are here to make sure the next hurricane will find you well covered. Call us today at (305) 694-2586 and we will schedule that meeting as soon as possible!

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